baby h

nothing like the cry of a brand new babe. luckily this little cutie settled down for a few family photos. i can't get over her cute fuzzy locks. you can tell because they are the focus is a few shots :) enjoy!

y family

you guys!!! how did I get so lucky to have such good looking clients... and friends! ;) here's another catch-up shoot from wetlands park ( such a beautiful spot) loved shooting this fun fam!

d family

today this sweet babe turned one year! I can't believe how fast she's growing. just a few months ago we took these cute pictures for holiday cards and talked about how she was just born. I swear we were just taking these. time flies... especially when you are as cute as she is. 

{baby e + mama}

it's been baby city over here lately... and I'm not complaining! last trip to SD I was lucky enough to be asked to capture a sweet friend from college who just had a beautiful baby girl. that new baby bliss was in the air at her place and it just makes me so happy to get to share moments like that and turn them into lasting memories. she's a keeper mallory, all the best!

a family

this hot mama and I went to college together, now she's got a super cute family and I was lucky enough to capture them. can't get over their flawless looks and vibrant personalities. we had so much fun!

baby e + baby s

shooting a brand new person settling into this world is a miraculous thing, but shooting two... HEAVENLY! so lucky to capture these two cuties in their beautiful home. loved every minute.

harrison family

it's been such a joy to shoot this adorable family over the years. we got perfect timing with the fall leaves on this years shoot. hopefully I catch up with last year's shoots sometime before 2015 :/

{baby bea: part II}

over the weekend we took a few photos of sweet bea in her blessing dress (made by her grandmother). i can't believe how much she has changed since this. time flies when you are as cute as this girl is.

lane: central park

somehow I convinced the lovely lane to let me photograph her beautiful self. she felt she needed some city portraits and I was lucky enough to shoot them. we had a total blast snapping away on a sunny morning in central park. im not gonna lie to you, i think some of these shots are BA NAN AS. there the secret is out, i love them. hope you do too.

{ j family }

before holly welcomed TWO new additions to the family she wanted to capture her two older kiddos. we set out to grab some photos and ended up shooting a few of mom and her cute preggo belly. 

{o family}

more catch-up from last season :) its going to be a good january. while in NYC we shot this sweet family up at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine and aside from the wind it was pretty lovely. helps when the littles are as cute as these two girls. 

thomas family

love being reunited with this fun family in UT this fall and getting to capture them again... this time with a sweet  new addition.  its so great to watch my friends family's grow. glad to have them near-by!

{v family}

this family killed me... killed me dead with their cute style and sweet personalities. i seriously considered grabbing a girl in each arm and making a run for it. i mean.... look at these shots. you would have too.

anna + chad

not gonna lie... this couple made my job super easy. good looking friends always make for excellent subjects :) we caught fall at its finest up millcreek canyon a few weeks ago. the colors with incredible. enjoy.